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Q. Where can you find a Dependable Moving Company?
A. California has many reputable moving companies. We are actually ranked among the top movers in the state with our services tailor made to fit clients needs and leave them satisfied. You can do research online to find reputable moving companies but always make sure that the company you settle for is reliable and capable to deliver on its promise for quality services. It’s always wise that you have references if you are not sure which moving company to choose. At Santa Monica Movers, we encourage clients to research other moving companies so that they can find a moving company which will counter our offer or have services unequalled to us. Read our reviews to find out how other clients who have used our company to move have to say about us.

Q. How do I choose a moving company?
A. Before settling on a moving company make sure that you conduct thorough research. Many companies promise superb services but will provide macabre services which will leave you distressed. It is better to forgo these companies and pack and hire a truck to move your belongings. So, make sure that you research all the moving companies in CA, before settling on one company. Make sure to compare the prices and services of each company in California before settling on a particular company. Check the number of years a company has been operational as experience matters. Experienced moving companies have perfected their services, so you can expect only minimal mishaps and even if these mishaps do happen, you are assured that your belongings are covered through their insurance policy. At Santa Monica Movers you can expect quality services, with your belongings insured. We have been in operation for decades and this guarantees that your belongings reach your premises in one piece, but if any damage occurs to any item handed to us for moving you can rest assured that the products have been insured during the moving process.

Q. What happens when an item is damaged during moving?
A. Genuine Moving Companies have insurance coverage, so this should not worry you. At Santa Monica Movers we have made sure that there is a customer complaint form. Dissatisfied customers can file their complaints for investigation and reimbursement. We have taken measures to ensure that client’s properties are always safe by: using clean and padded trucks driven by experienced drivers. We have also ensured that each article in your possession is handled with care, this is to ensure that there is minimal damages. We will make sure that the damaged item is replaced; all this is to make sure that you are happy and satisfied and happy.

Q. What happens if I am moving through state lines?
A. We offer long distance moving. At Santa Monica Movers residents can rely on us to ensure that they reach their destination safely. We ensure that clients have enough options to choose from whenever they are considering relocating to a different state such as: Long Distance moving and Full service moving. Please visit our Long distance or full service moving pages to read more on how we will ensure that your move through state lines is successful.

Q. What happens if I need to move an item promptly, say the same day?
A. Santa Monica Movers there is a special service, specifically made for urgent moving needs. We offer same day moving services to clients. It doesn’t matter the time of the day you contact us, we will be available to help you move your belongings. We have ensured that there are enough trucks in our fleet to ensure that whenever a client contacts us for any moving services, they are served without any delay. You can read more about this service by visiting our same day moving service page.

Q. What are the kinds of materials best for wrapping and packing items before moving?
A. There are different types of materials which you can use to wrap your belongings whenever you are moving. Please visit our moving tips page for a detailed look at the different materials used. We have given you a step by step guide which you can use to minimize expenses and damages to your belongings.

Q. What happens if I haven’t found a permanent address to relocate to?
A. Santa Monica Movers offers clients a temporary storage option when they have not found a house to relocate to. We will ensure that your belongings are safe when you search for premises to relocate to. Read more about this option on our Moving Services page.

Q. Do you offer disassembly and assembly services?
A. Santa Monica Movers always ensures that client’s needs are met. We have employed technicians always at hand whenever you have an item which needs to be taken apart and assembled at your new residence. Visit our moving services page for more information about this service.